Saturday, 20 October 2007

Why we need god?

Off late I am intrigued by the question that has been daunting civilizations their philosophers, intellects and lot of ordinary mortals. This has been a very interesting question (probably Mother of all questions) that has taken an enormous amount of people’s times and sometimes their lives too.

So let’s start from where it would have all started. In the very early beginning of the mankind there would not have been any questions about the god, as the man (and women too, for a convenience sake lets keep it as a he) would have been busy searching for food. When there was enough food (or lack of it) man was in a dire need to attribute things that he didn’t understand to something that he is very likely to understand, and thus came god into the being.

The early god could have been a very simple phenomenon, inspired from the nature and may be from his ancestors. Different groups of human would have had different god(s) and when a group gets bigger and stronger their god would have gained more popularity over the other gods, so along with the war of human a subsequent war of gods was also started. When humans had nothing to quarrel about god and his various versions and forms gave them a real good reason to fight and live.

So did god exist from the start or was he created?

Before going deep into the question from where it may take ages to come out – a lot many a people have died in between - , is it really worthwhile to raise this question “Does god exist?” , more than answering this question, it makes more sense for one to raise this question before raising the initial one.

What is the use of raising the God Question, is it an intellectual curiosity, is it to help bolster ones reasoning abilities in what ways it is going to help human mind? Will it improve our life styles could it solve the terrorist problems, daily need of poor nations?
(It may not solve many worldly problems, but it may create more problems for instance what would religious fanatics do with out god? What would they fantasize about? )

While there are various stages in god denial, the god question is the starting point of atheism. Atheist strongly deny god and one is not sure whether all of the atheists would have gone through the path of searching for a god and got convinced that he doesn’t exist or simply followed those intellectual types with whom they wanted to get associated with.
There are multitudes of ways possible and for simplicity sake let’s keep the boat near the shore.

What are the benefits of getting an answer to the god question?

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