Thursday, 25 October 2007

Very Intersting Fact of Life - Question

I was reading an intresting book called "Smarter Selling" - not that i want to become a salesman but just want to understand one more domain.
It listed out 5 Kinds of questions ,
Surface Questions, Hunt Questions, Adapt Questions, Paint Questions and Engage Questions.
(They call it as SHAPE framework)
It rose a lot of thoughts.....

Asking the rights question at the right time is a paradigm which has been hugely debated but yet grossly less written about.

To sketch out the basics..
Why do we question? answer is simple - To get an answer, but answer really depends upon the type of the question ,person who asks the question, the circumstances at which the questions are asked, the questioned partie(s) and his willingness and so on.

The ability to question differentiates the intelligence of the human beings, we all chase for favorable answers but do we have right questions, are we searching for an answer with a wrong question?

Historically when did we start questioning? Must be at the primitive stages, so the first question of an early human could have been, I am hungry - where do i get food?
Then it could have progressed around
Where do i get a nice place to store my food to take it later?
Who like me , i like whom?
Where do i build a house ?
blah blah blah,
Those who had stronger questions which cant be answered by those who were around them, could have started travelling to get an answer.
Those who had the will and courage to fight to get an answer became immortal in life then onwards.
Those who had the question "How do i leave my Legacy" built pyramids.
Those who had a question of how to stop their enemy built Chinese wall.
Those who had a question to know whats in the sea became explorers
Those who had a question to see whats in the moon Built rockets......
This is on the positive side, those who had a negative questions, caused huge holocausts.
Those who ran out of questions, become Saints.
If we dredge carefully, if we have many a thoughts in our mind, have many a questions around them. They keep chasing answers for many a questions aimlessly.
So is it good to have lesser number of question? Is it good to have more number of questions?
Depends upon who we are and what we are.
Questions always play very interesting part in interpersonal communication. A conversation is always bound by questions, a question could decide whether we may be liked or not.
A question could make or break a deal.
Keep Questioning friends...........

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