Saturday, 20 October 2007

Why we need god? (Contd...)

If one can prove gods existence won’t it kill the mystics of god, all those supernatural healers and god men? To me god has been kept in the art form now and the answer may lead to the commoditization of the God.

Imagine a scenario where god has been traced to live in the galaxy “Gringybringygravia” and he can be reached by sending a prayer with a combination of words that has been cracked? If god has been found, it would be safe to assume that there could be antigods by virtue of jealousy of his presence. So what if in the search of god, we stumble upon a poser?

And what if god is not really interested in communicating to us and intentionally wants to avoid all of the limelight as any other celebrity.

There are zillions of possibilities why a god could exist and equally same or number of possibilities why he cannot exist as well.

So is it all worthy to raise this question same like rest of those who wanted to solve this god question?

For all of those who accept the god, the case is very simple, the law is out there just stick to it, Use god conveniently and keep the faith until you die.

For those who deny, the case is again simple, just deny the fact that he exist and keep rationalizing the myth by using the science that you know.

The real problem is for those who are confused, these the people who are really struck in the grid lock. I am one such lesser fortunate’s…

So why should I work on Gods question, in what way will it help me, why shouldn’t I just accept the fact that he exists and move ahead. What difference doesn’t it going to make in my life if I get convinced that he doesn’t exist or exists.

If 5000 years of human quest for god cannot prove or disprove his existence what else am I going to make for the mankind? Do I need to spend time on something which I may end up spending my significant amount of time? Probably the answer lies in the psychology of human mind, being trained to work on knowing the unknown’s god is the biggest unknown.

So what do I define as god, to me, God is a resort where everything else stops to work.
God is a phenomenon that is observable through an event on absence of it. Is god scientific, I don’t think so? If yes, the scientists would definitely be working on it. God gives is a concept which was observed/created/nurtured in the human minds and actions over the long time. In a constrained society very few people dare to question him. He is just accepted without questions. But a logical mind which wants to be working on more complex problem god is a feast.
God is a placeholder for anything mysterious in life, anything that happens or not happens can simply be pushed to god. He takes up all the blames and beatings too along with the garlands.

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