Sunday, 28 November 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish....

It has been quite a while since i blogged last. Well, the last one was to make an entry for the New Year's eve, i believe. In the era where we are overwhelmed with our intense social networking and using [useless] apps in our smartphones, it has become quite difficult to sit down and blog your thoughts, unless you are very driven by your passion of protecting rare species of Papua New Guinea or you want to make a point on your opinion about way Chinese run their government [shouldnt they be left alone?].

Somehow my reading these days have been towards only two subjects: the first being Hindu philosophy and the second being Quantum physics. I am not sure what dragged me into these but i found a few interesting parallels between both. Hence i have been reading a bit of both to understand the parallels more closely and this week, my inquisitiveness rose further thanks to series of non-stop science fiction movies.

I have been an ardent fan of Douglas Adams and have read his HHGG multiple times and was curious to watch the movie to see how an amazing book has been distorted in the movie version. Sadly, the movie didnt give me much to crib about. The director has cleverly chosen the key aspects of the book and has packaged it very well.

The key concept of the movie is the existence of the extraterrestrial intelligence and the quest for Big Answers of who we are, what is the orign of universe etc etc, which have been pondering the mankind over millions of years. These big questions are not that world if you have that fact that the man set out his foot only two million years ago from Africa. However the impact that these questions have had over us have been phenomenal and is one of the key factors for the existence of most of the religions existing today.

Brahmasutra is an ancient Hindu relic which tries to answer these big question through the logical thoughts and reference to various Hindu Upanishads. Several thoughts of Brahmasutra like there was a singular orign (big bang) , we all belong to the oneness and reference of the supreme being as brahman which not but an immutable entity which cannot be defined in the words resonate well with modern scientific beliefs [discounting my bias towards Hindu beliefs].

Quantum Physics came out of ages in the last century and has already made significant contribution towards the way we think about the big questions. Whilst Classical physics is more matured and has been developed by the sharpest of the mind that humanity has seen till date, Quantum physics is still in its nascent days [forget about the quacks selling Quantum healing etc] and mainly the traversal of particles from their quantum state to classical state is yet to be established.

But if the classical objects are composed of the quantum particles as their founding blocks, may be the hidden answer lies in understanding the traversal between the particle/wave nature of the unstable particles and the more heavier objects.
May be ancient vedic rishies were able to understand this through logical deduction or self realisation!
May be advancements in scientific discoveries would lead us to very interesting things like parallel universe, teleportation etc!

May be the answer is 42!

If you had read this far, in anticipation of some interesting facts/arguments,  So long and thanks for all the fish........