Saturday, 22 December 2007


Mechelen is a very interesting place where i was working on a short assignment for two weeks for a client.
It has a very interesting history and has several places of interest.
I had couple of interesting anecdotes which i wanted to share.
I was trying to send a courier this morning to UK (Another seperate story) and the hotel receptionist told me in broken english that meant "This being a small city we dont have any courier offices" . Cool i had alternatives.....
It was time for lunch and after we were walking for about more than one half an hour around the noon we came to realize that the place didnt have enought restaurants as well ,gradually we were ready to make any compromises to eat anything and after a great search we ended up in a place called Panos which finally served some good food (some pretty romantic scenes by a cool couple sitting opposite to me)
In the evening we went for walk and bumped across a pub (where i did my first experimentation with campari ) and we were amazed to a very good dinner , -Omlet Champignon-(We thanked the server many a times).
Sometimes what we search for is always in a reachable distance and yet we keep searching.....

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