Saturday, 22 December 2007

Distraction Theft Attempt - Antwerp

Me and my friend had a very strange experience in Antwerp, Belgium, the story goes likes this..
We were on our way back to our hotel in antwerp after a harddays job in Mechelen(later we moved there itself) and we bought an australian delight icecream (which was fantastic) and we stopped for a bit shopping (i bought dorittos and he bought calling cards, so Shopping may be a bit of an overstatement) while we were walking outside, we were stopped by a tourist looking guy.
He kept on asking for directions in different european languages and after we gave up saying that we dont belong here and just on a short visit, two guys popped up out of a sudden, the road pitch dark (Imagine 6 pm during european winter) and after flashing their Police (politie) badges they asked our details about where we were coming from and wanted to see our passports, suddenly i remembered what my older boss told long back about a similar inciedent that happened to him in Geneva and i decided that these guys could be fakes, yet we were not in a position to argue back (I was scared that he could run away with my passport) and he took my friends wallet and wanted to check for the presense of drug.
They let the first guy go and told us that dark street is known for drug trafficking and they do a routine check. Luckily my friends purse was very lightly loaded and they let us go.
This was such a trauma and in hindsight, we concluded
> These guys were fake
> The first guy was used to distract us and was let go to have a watch whether anybody is coming on the way and to give a signal
> We were not all that couragious as we keep telling ourselves
For the next fewdays we always had a suspicious eye on others and were very hesitant to initiate a conversation with others. Esp in Paris where we spent our week (Another Post)

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