Friday, 14 December 2007

Define Your Past, Predict your Future

Ostensibly the question "Who Am I" doesnt warrant a big answer but when you dig more on the philosophical side, it poses a huge challenge and is really daunting as hell.

Was reading through the Art of Now and traced its orign to Ramana Maharishi and on his soulful guidance to Bhagavad Gita.

Its a very interesting soul searching exercise that who am i can reveal you. So i thought instead of sitting in a room and trying it out, which i would do eventually , i would blog my thoughts.

So who am I? Well , this really depends on the Who Am I to whom? Philosophies want the whom to be "you", then what is you? This again traces us to I.

Who Am "I"
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"I" for obvious reasons is my body and mind put together, since body is not immortal , I am not the body, So is I using the body to stay for a while and have a nice time?

If this being the case, is "I" a space time like conitnuum across(which again is under debate) ?

If "I" is a continuum across, then there doesnt exist seperate "I" , which implies we are all part of an oneness which religions attribute to God. Hence great guru's like Ramana insist you to keep asking your self the question "Who Am I" which is the starting point of realization of oneness.

But if we admit such an oneness exist, does the oneness split itself and gets into the bodies? Why would it do so? Or should we simply conclude the oneness is in all and I am You and You are me.
If it being the case, do we really need to worship/beleive in god, because we ourselves are a part of the god. If we have a presense of god in us, why there are sinners? So should we realize this connection, is this what is called as awareness or consciousness.

This is an intresting realization of I , which i seem to conclude that it is not unique and rather it is the oneness.

So the physical I which we are really bothered about is nothing but an implementation of the interface "I", which we extend to whatever we want as a matter of convienience.

I dont want to dwelve into the complexities further which may satisfy my urge to verbalise what i feel but as a conclusion i was struck by following thoughts i have read recently.

> Who Am I? which leads me to oneness
> Dont get disturbed by Past, dont get daunted by Future.
> Live in now with full conscious ness , because now is what you have to define your past and shape your future
> Concentrate on the things that you do now , have full love over others because they are not far different from what you are because the oneness is in every one
> This way you can define your past and predict your future, because you hold the key

The take-away's of my last two months study has been said above, all of the above thoughts are based on several assumptions and recently it has been changing a lot towards what i elaborated above.

I beleive , i will stick to these concepts till a radical change happens in my thought process, because
> This gets me more disciplined
> I try to treat success/failure the same
> My resolve to get my things done is increasing several fold

All of the above thought process is not going to make me an yogi and that is not what i intend to become as well.

Just want to live a happy , simple and uncomplicated life.

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