Thursday, 7 February 2008

Chaos and a screwed evening,,

Yesterday was one of the very interesting days i have ever had in my life where every second was unpredictable - and was quite some fun -

It all started with my evening journey from Canary Wharf , there was a huge crowd infront of the travel card swipe counters and i had to wait for more than 20 minutes , after that i felt a sigh of relief, alas, it was shortlived.

The train to BakerStreet (Jubilee Line) was too crowded (adding to the misery was our huge crowd) , and i had to skip a few trains , then somehow i got into the train and was busy reading my recent book wikinomics, it was cut short after the train couldnt move from Canada Water Station, the announcer(lady) "Strongly Suggested" we take bus and proceed with our journey. So i came out and joined the huge queue for bus. The bus journey was rather interesting with the lady who came along with in the train shouting at her boy friend in an irritating mood, the train delay created lot of mood swings with people and another lady was shouting at her husband to keep the home free of fish smell :-)

Somehow i reached Paddington by 7:30 and after having missed the train to cirencester by just 10 mins , i was glad to see that there was another train by 7;48 pm with a "delayed" sign, With the days luck by myside, the wait become 10 mins , 20 mins, 30 mins and by 9 pm i was too tired to wait again for the trains which got stopped at barnam due to some fatality(heard it was a cow). I took a decision to end my bad day to stay in London itself as i had a meeting anyway in the morning.As we know, its always like "Man Proposes and God Disposes" and my day was not supposed to end there.

I went to the tourist info centre and the lady was pleasant to get me a booking and said the hotel was only 10 mins walk from Paddington Station , being too tired i decided to take a Underground train - minding my steps - , after getting on to the Bay Street station i took help from the Assistance counter and was told that i have to take a left and then a right , in my days chaos, i totally lost sense of direction and took a wrong right after taking a right left.
I was roaming around for another 20 mins and felt extremely exhausted thought of trying for cab, but unluckily there were no to my avail and after speaking to atleast 10 people, and calling up the hotel - should have done first - i finally reached the hotel. The place was looking good -Kensington Square- and unfortunately the hotel was not. I checked in around 10 pm and relaxed in the bed for the while thinking back about my bad day, hoping it was just one of those days when things dont go in your favour.

But life is never void of surprises and when i went to the pub for the food (ofcourse couple of pints) , i got to understand the kitchen was closed and there were not many a restaurants around. I came sad to the hotel after having 2 pints of stella and 2 packs of peanuts and started to work on the presentation that i had to make for an important meeting - Wow, the wireless internet didnt work......
If i run a wild imagination , "could an inciedent(a wild sneeze by a busker) in the canary wharf would have resulted in this chaos in the trains?",

We all plan a lot and a few unexpected events change them swiftly and the funny part is you will not be able to predict them and hence dont have any control over them, they just pop up and mess your wholly. Anyway whats the fun about a predictable life?

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