Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Green Index of Software Solution and IT Industry

IT Industry leaves a big footprint in the environment, If one were to analyze the root cause for the impact ,it mainly arise due to the energy consumptions of the data centers, development facilities, etc – forgetting those poor souls who smoke -. The impact of the air travel is well talked about and there is nothing new to add. There has not been much thought revolving about arriving at a green index (at least I didn’t have one till I saw Oracle Ad on Green Solutions)

But are there ways to measure greenness of a solution?
For a certain solutions this may be straight forward, i.e. Content Management Solutions which are deployed to replace the paper bound systems and collaboration solutions that could save the travel.

For other solutions, I think it should be directly tied to the energy it consumes to run, this can be derived by running the solution in a green lab and calculating the energy that it consumes, but a typical application may need to interface with complex myriad of systems and it may be difficult to arrive at the overall index, may be we can have a composite green index for the overall solutions.

Another interesting factor could be the greenness of the process that produces the solution. Though its very hard to determine the energy/solution , it may be interesting to arrive at Energy Consumed / Staff as a measure of the green index of the facility and the IT facilities that have lesser energy consumption can be given rebates on tax to encourage companies to do so.-It would be sorry to see an unfortunate Indian IT company's green index shoot up during the summer time due to the power cuts though-

IT industries and Solutions can be graded by Green index, Composite Green Index whatever and marketing departments can have a new sales (marketing???) pitch to tout their competitors.

If the industry gets too greenesque, very soon you can see a software engineer coming to office on a horse, coding in a tree shade using his laptop powered by solar power or pedals (still chatting with his girl friend(s) and that unknown psychopath from armenia posing as Katherine Megirlowsky), wouldn’t it be fun?

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