Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mindless Terrorism , Faulty democracy and a Small Orphan

The horrendous mumbai crime which was of epic proportions pushed the ongoing economic struggle for a week out of the headlines. Those who wanted to terrorise the psyche of people all over the world ,24/7 indian news channels who were clueless about professional integrity  and the horrible politicians who had narrow visions of their votebanks alone were all in the limelight and had their fair share of publicity, positive or negative.

The crisis clearly showed the guts of the mumbai people and their resilience, the bravehearts who dared their life to put a fullstop to one of the worst terrorisms that world has seen. Apart from the valiant fights of the brave and that of the people to comeback, the terrorists seemed to have acheived what they wanted to, i.e exposing the vulnerabilities of a country and its lack of leadership.

Any country or culture is always represented by their leaders in the tough situations, a Ghandhi was there to liberate india, a Winston Churchill was there to get Great Britain out of World war, a Martin Luther King was there to fight for African American's cause , a Rajiv Ghandhi was there to lead india out of russian-styled socialism to economic growth and the history is never void of these kind of heroe
s. But unfortunately current Indian leader are not more than a laughing stock.

Similar to Credit Crunch Crisis, Indian democracy is facing a systemic failure. Unlike anyother country India is an unique country which is a federation of different cultures,languages often with very less common cause. Only the great leaders of the past and rulers from outside(for administrative purposes) have kept india tightly knit together apart hinduism (intrepreted in different local names over the time) and the shared minds of people.

Indian democracy expects a strong PrimeMinister to get the act together and paint a strong i
mage to other countries, but unfortunately over the times the regionalism has gained popularity and the national parties have become weaked acoss. This pushes them to get into coalition with many regional parties, those who dont align to thier visions (or lack of it) and form an opportunistic alliance. Being pulled on somany directions to satisfy these parties which inturn do the religious/caste/sect politics, the national govt paints a very weak and vulnerable image to the outsiders. Added to this the pacifist mentality of the people who dont have a bigger cause than their monthly salary, an attitude to get things done by corruption has completely left the system in shambles. Over the times, the system in its current form has become a place which lacks space for somebody with a good cause and who could become a strong leader.

Till a point where  a strong leader emerges who could mend the rotten system and raise the 
hopes of people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there will be lot of phonies and cronies (like the current lot) who will rule india and these kind of inciedents would be talked for a month at a max and be forgotten and these cronies will be busy scouting (rather shamelessly) for votes and to save their vote banks, majority or minority.
While we wait for tough leader who could fix all the issues of India, lets apologise to Moshe who has lost his parents who beleived in India and its values.

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